In-Store Waxing

Dee Dee waxing a customer's jacket We now have an in-store Fjällräven Waxing Station! We can wax Fjällräven G1000 jackets and bags while-you-wait on weekdays. We are not able to wax on weekends as it gets very busy, but you are welcome to drop off your item and collect it during the week.

Waxing is free-of-charge for items bought from us, simply show us your email receipt.

For items not bought at The Brokedown Palace there is a £30 charge for jackets and £20 for bags.

Waxing a whole jacket takes around 30minutes.

Please note waxing is not suitable for Kånken backpacks, except Kånken No. 2 (which is made from G1000 fabric).